The transverse mounted engine, low center of gravity, and new wider axles provide rock solid stability. With the cab sitting between the axles instead of close to the front frame, the machine delivers a topnotch ride for the operator. Improved foot pedal angles also increase the operator’s comfort.


The balance of a short wheelbase, power, stability, agility, and multiple saw head offerings, including the industry’s only side cut saw, allow seamless transitions from first thinning to final fell applications. Application versatility maximizes long term value as markets fluctuate.


An overall reduction in hose and fittings, an improved transmission mount, and redesigned lift arm hose routings reduce connection points and result in a simplified machine. Fully adjustable speed settings let the operator set working ranges and bump through the ranges during operation.


The cab features integrated LED lights removing the light boxes from previous series. 1.7x thicker skylight with all cross bars removed provides an unobstructed view to tree tops. The new roof angle deflects debris more efficiently, and has an overall thicker cab roof for durability.


An optimized saw circuit, that includes a dedicated saw valve results in more power and efficiency. Case drain filtration adds an additional level of protection and confidence to the system. Priority settings maximize saw recovery or propel to match the application.


Pressurized engine, hydraulic, and after treatment compartments keep debris out of the machine reducing clean out time. Ground level fuel fill, electric hydraulic oil fill pump, and excellent engine access deliver superior serviceability making it quick and easy to do daily maintenance.

Engine Model Cat® C7.1 Stage 5
Gross Power 265 hp 198 kW
Engine Speed 1880 rpm
Wheelbase 115.0" 2921 mm
Fuel Capacity 81.6 gal 309 L
DEF Capacity 5.0 gal 19 L
Hydraulic System 71.1 gal 269 L
Ground Clearance 23.4" 594 mm
Transport Width 9' 11" 3.03 m
Transport Height 11' 3" 3.43 m
Transport Length 25' 4" 7.73 m
Base configuration includes 30.5L-32 26PR Tires, 221 Center Post Felling Saw and full tank of fuel. Weight deduct 1,720 lb (780 kg) for 28L-26 tires, add 840 lb (381 kg) for 30.5L-32 2X Ring tires, 0 lb (0 kg) for 67-34 tires. Height and ground clearance deduct 4.0” (10.2 cm) for 28L-26 tires, 2.9” (7.4 cm) for 67-34 tires.
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